Essentially an extension of my youtube channel, here is a selection of some of the videos I have had my hand in creating over the years.

Al Bright: From Start to Finish

This is a short documentary about Youngstown, Ohio based artist/educator Al Bright from circa 2005. I served the role as cameraman, audio engineer, video editor, and interviewer.

Voice of the Mountain, Voice of the Sky

Live in studio Jam set to images sourced and edited from the movie “The Forgotten Village”, which is in the public domain. I’m playing guitar, synth, loops, and tuned percussion. Allison Kacmar Richards is on bass, Mike Smales is on drums.


Recorded Live at The Nyabinghi in Youngstown, Ohio in the spring of 2006. Guitar/Vocals: Leonard Glenn Crist. Drums: Joe Rafidi. Bass: Allison Kacmar Richards. Guitar: Trevor Richards. Roaming Camera: Matt Hawout. Stationary Camera: Gary S. Angelo. Video Editing: Trevor Richards


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