Welcome to trevorrichardsmusic.com. This site has been designed to serve as a branching out point to all the various audio and visual projects I have had my hands in over the years. Use the images tab to be taken to my Flikr page, where I frequently post photographs taken in and around the greater Pittsburgh area- typically of live bands, landscapes, animals, and architecture.

The musical projects tab is a dropdown menu that links to the dozen or so albums I have played on, going back nearly two decades. Genres range from anything to rock, punk, metal, jazz, and prog. Each release is available for free streaming on bandcamp, as well as paid or free download, depending on the album. That said, please consider listening to and supporting my current minimalist/drone/psych band, The Long Hunt.

My blog serves as the meeting point of these two worlds, featuring frequent updates often accompanied by pictures, video, or sound. If you like my content, consider following this page by filling out the form located at the bottom right of the screen.

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