On-Location Recording

One of the great things about my on-location recording service is the fact that we can record basically anywhere, even your own practice space! This means there is no time or money wasted on tear down or set up and no hauling gear across town and back. Most importantly, this means you’ll record where you are most comfortable, resulting in a more relaxed and natural sounding recording that captures all the nuances of your live sound.

On a recording session for Emily Rodgers Band

How it works

I capture your audio in 16bit 44.1k  (audio CD quality) four-channel stereo surround using a Zoom H2 handy recorder. The H2 sounds extremely detailed across the entire frequency spectrum and can handle the high volume of even the loudest rock bands. I’ve been using this piece of gear for years and have had success getting  great sounding recordings out of even the most bizarrely shaped and unforgiving room types- from tiny 8×10 practice rooms to basements and bars. The trick here is proper mic placement and correct input gain setup to avoid distortion and clipping from loud sound sources. I specialize in working with the acoustics of your room as well as the placement of instruments in the acoustic space. As a result, you get high quality audio that sounds similar to what your ears hear when you are jamming with your band, only more balanced and defined.

Make your recordings sound great

After your session, I’ll return to my studio to import your audio into Cubase Pro 8 for editing. In this step I mix the four-channel stereo surround into a regular two channel stereo file as well as run everything through hundreds of dollars worth of high quality plugins and effects. This step includes several great sounding EQ, compression and stereo imaging processors that bring out the best of your recordings and make them sound better than you ever thought possible on a handheld recorder. Finally, I’ll export each song into a separate audio file, in both high quality mp3 and 16 bit wav format, and email you the results.

Using high quality plugins and effects, such as the Linear Phase EQ and Quad Image, I am able to make your music sound loud, clear, and dynamic.

High Quality With  Fast Turnaround

I am extremely easy to work with and turnaround time is usually less than 48 hours for most sessions. I am punctual and professional and my goal is to make you and your band sound great. Use the contact form below to set up a recording session or simply ask a question about my services. I look forward to working with you or your band!


What area do you service?

Currently I am offering on-location field recording in the greater Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area. Any location outside of 20 miles or so from downtown may incur addition costs dependent on the specifics of the job.

How much do you charge?

Prices are set on a case by case basis, though most sessions come out to between $80 to $100. This price includes driving out to you, recording for a few hours, editing your audio, exporting and sending your files via email.  Though I don’t work on an hourly basis, most sessions equate to about 4 or 5 hours of work, which excludes travel time. Payment and project details will be worked out via email prior to recording.

Is this meant to replace/ sound as good as a multi-track studio recording?

No! The name of the game here is to provide people with a really quick, efficient, and high quality alternative to recording audio. The end result will be a very well balanced representation of what you or your band sounds like playing together  live in a room. Though the end result will be able to compete on many levels with a proper multi-track session, it is by no means meant to be a replacement. With that said, you will be amazed at the level of sound quality you’ll get with my services.

What are the benefits of your services compared to a traditional multi-track approach?

First and foremost, you’ll save a lot of time and money and still get excellent results! I can usually be set up and recording audio within ten minutes of setting foot in your practice space. Since you are not paying me to set up and tear down a bunch of gear, you’ll have more time for recording your music. Another benefit to not having a bunch of gear everywhere is you’ll be able to record in a distraction free environment without tripping over microphones, wearing headphones, or being overly aware of the recording process itself. This results in a more relaxed and natural sounding recording, the way you really play!

How many songs can typically be recorded in a session?

How many songs you are able to record in a typical 2 or 3 hour session depends on how tight you are as a band and how long your songs are. A well practiced and prepared band can expect to easily record “good” versions of 5 or even 10 songs, with maybe a little time left over to redo a song or two. Most bands I’ve worked with like to try at least 2 takes of each song, oftentimes talking for a few minutes after takes to discuss each member’s “feeling” on how that particular take went. Because everything is recorded all at once with no overdubs, we are easily able to record way more songs in a single session when compared to more traditional multitrack recording sessions.

Who are your services geared toward?

Everyone. I feel there is no excuse to be a musician in this day and age and not have a good quality recording of your playing. Specifically, I suppose my services are geared towards the following types of people;

The solo instrumentalist or singer looking to join a band as well as bands looking for additional members. If you’re shopping around for other musicians on internet forums and classifieds pages,  the reality is, most people wont be interested in contacting you if they have no idea what your skill level is and what you sound like… show them with a high quality recording of your playing or singing!

Bands looking to get gigs. My services are just the ticket to get you a gig at a local venue. Once again, people need to know what you sound like before they take a chance on you. Your recording could be the difference between a gig or no gig, or playing on a Friday night to a packed house or a Monday night to a bunch of empty seats.

Bands entering a studio. This is the big one. Recording studios can be expensive and notorious for eating the money of the ill-prepared. Make the most out of your time in the studio by recording a high quality demo to iron out the kinks in your songs before you spend the big bucks! Listening to a song “live” while also playing it as opposed to listening to it well recorded are two different things entirely. Listening back, you’ll know right away which parts of your songs work and which parts don’t. In the addition, the mere practice of recording “good” takes, even for a demo, will make you a better player and a tighter band. Save money on wasted studio time and record a demo BEFORE you go into the studio! You’ll be glad you did, trust me!

Bands in general. Cover and tribute bands too, but original bands especially, don’t just assume your song sounds the way you think it does when you play it! Listening back to a high quality recording is the only way to listen to the song like an audience member would. Is your guitar tone wrong for the song? Is the bass player’s playing a little too busy during the verse? You’ll know immediately after listening back. Also, original bands, record your originals so you don’t forget them! How many times have you come to practice a week later and forgot the awesome riff you were working on last session? Use me to get high quality recordings of your practices and you’ll be amazed at how many more songs get written and retained! Use my recordings as a way for members to practice to the songs at home between actual band practices. My services are all about helping you become a better player and a better band!

What is your turnaround time on recordings?

Under normal circumstances, I am able to get your audio edited and back to you within 48 hours of the recording session. Editing and exporting usually takes about 2 hours for me to complete, depending on how many tracks were recorded. I usually don’t like to record and edit during the same day, as I prefer to approach the recordings with fresh ears.

How/when do I pay?

I only accept cash or paypal. The balance must be paid in full prior to me emailing any audio tracks. See the Contact and Payments tab for more information. 


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