Artificial Consciousness Machines @ Federal Frenzy

Here are a few select images I took of the band Artificial Consciousness Machines who played this years Federal Frenzy in downtown Youngstown, Ohio. I would describe their sound as Jazz-fusion with an experimental and oftentimes even progressive tinge. The vocals were of course great, but I was also pleased and pleasantly surprised with the large percentage of strictly instrumental music they had on offer. For a brand-new band of about a month in the making, they sounded well rehearsed and put on a great show. The music is particularly fun to listen to and engaging. Definitely an asset to the Youngstown music scene!

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Last but not least, here are a few landscape, close-up, and animal images from over the weekend as well. If there is anything the internet needs, its more cat pictures.



Download “Valley of the Sun” for free, plus Hugh Shows first/last

For a limited time, one can get a free download of the song “Valley of the Sun” from the Pittsburgh City Paper website. Special thanks to Alex Gordon for the kind words. Here’s a link:

We also recently participated in Hugh Shows First/Last, where we answer a few questions about some of the music we listen to. Its a cool format. Here’s a link:

Lastly, for those who didn’t already notice, we have a video of us playing a new song called “Ground of Being”. Check it out below.

New Music and Pictures

I have music up on bandcamp for a new project called The Long Hunt, which features Allison Kacmar Richards on bass and Mark Lyons on drums. Music can be heard here or in the player below.


I also have pictures available from a recent Emily Rodgers mini tour to the Candy Factory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and The Windup Space in Baltimore, Maryland. The pictures include shots of the band Here Inside, who also shared the bill at the Lancaster show.