(((HUM))) December Update


I am happy to announce that all recording for the album is complete and I am working my way through the tracks getting final mixes ready for mastering. After a few setbacks and delays, I can say with confidence that it shouldn’t be much longer now until release. The tentative track list is as follows, listed alphabetically:

  • Conduit
  • Hazy Meadow, Sleepy Field
  • Howl
  • (HUM)
  • ((HUM))
  • (((HUM)))
  • Meditation Bell
  • Memorial (feat Jesse Spillane on organ/mellotron/synths/clarinet and James Dittrich on bass)
  • Shaman of the Northern Forest (feat Allison Kacmar Richards on bass)
  • $pace! (feat Jesse Spillane on piano/synths)
  • Voice of the Mountain, Voice of the Sky (feat Allison Kacmar Richards on bass, Jesse Spillane on Organ/Wurlitzer, and Mike Smales on drums)
some messes are worth making
keyboard stand converted to Djembe stand
Setting up to record an Udu (clay pot drum)
Lots of tracks to contend with

New Album by Jesse Spillane

In other news, I recently mastered a new album by Jesse Spillane (http://www.jessespillane.com/) that should be out “some time by the next decade or so”. There is a preview song now available on his soundcloud page. Check it out below!


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