(((HUM))) 01/05/2016 release date

The mastering stage is complete and I have decided on a release date of January 5th. The final track listing and song order are as follows:

  • $pace! (feat. Jesse Spillane)
  • Voice of the Mountain, Voice of the Sky (feat. Allison Kacmar Richards, Jesse Spillane, and Mike Smales)
  • (HUM)
  • Howl
  • Shaman of the Northern Forest (feat. Allison Kacmar Richards)
  •  ((HUM))
  • Memorial (feat. Jesse Spillane and James Dittrich)
  • (((HUM)))
  • Conduit

So yeah, nine songs, totaling about 45 minutes worth of music. I am really happy with how everything turned out. It was a slightly longer road than expected to get to this destination, but I believe it was worth it. Check back later in the week, as I am planning on releasing one or two preview songs before Friday.



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