New Music Now Available!

(((HUM))) Pre-order

(((HUM))) is now up for pre-order on my bandcamp page, with all nine tracks becoming fully available for download on Tuesday,  January 5th. Three songs can be downloaded and streamed right now- “Voice of the mountain, Voice of the sky”, “Memorial”, and “(((HUM)))”. Check out the player below to have a listen.

The Maddening Parade, a New Album by Jesse Spillane

I recently had the pleasure of mastering Jesse’s latest solo release, The Maddening Parade and let me tell you , this thing rocks. There are just so many sounds and layers to it- from jazz to funk, electronic, rock, experimental, and even orchestral- I really do believe this album has something for everyone. A must listen for anyone who likes interesting, dynamic and stimulating instrumental music. I’m playing guitar, ebow, and lap steel on the song “Sun Dried”.

Compelling music and art go hand in hand, and such is the case here with the most excellent cover done by Cynthia Lee. You can check out more of her work at


Please go over to Jesse’s bandcamp page and show him some support. Word has it, if you write him a haiku, he will send you a code that redeems a free download of the entire album. I’m not making this up, the details are on his page. Check out the player below.




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